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Buy Codeine Online

Dosage: 300 mg/30mg Tablets

Imprints: “3 M”

Manufacturer: Aesica .

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USA: 4 to 24 hours
Canada: 1 to 2 Days
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To treat your moderate and severe pain


Buy Codeine Online

Buy Codeine Online In addition, this medication acts as a mild sedative, allowing the user to feel more relaxed. As this medication is absorbed into the bloodstream quickly, pain relief will be provided to the user rapidly and effectively.

Codeine is a naturally occurring phenanthrene alkaloid and opioid agonist with analgesic, antidiarrheal and antitussive activities. Codeine mimics the actions of endogenous opioids by binding to the opioid receptors at many sites within the central nervous system (CNS). Stimulation of mu-subtype opioid receptors results in a decrease in the release of nociceptive neurotransmitters such as substance P, GABA, dopamine, acetylcholine and noradrenaline; in addition, the codeine metabolite morphine induces opening of G-protein-coupled inwardly rectifying potassium (GIRK) channels and blocks the opening of N-type voltage-gated calcium channels, resulting in hyperpolarization and reduced neuronal excitability. Stimulation of gut mu-subtype opioid receptors results in a reduction in intestinal motility and delayed intestinal transit times. Antitussive activity is mediated through codeine’s action on the cough center in the medulla. Buy Codeine Online Without Prescription

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What is the recommended dosage

You should follow the doctor’s instructions on how to take this medicine.

The doses outlined below is for your reference only.

Unless instructed differently by the doctor or pharmacist, take your tablet(s) with a glass of water.

Can I reduce the risk of getting side effects

Yes. You should always read the patient information leaflet thoroughly before use.

As this can help reduce the risk of side effects and interactions between medicines.

Side Effects

Most people who submit reviews agree that this medication is an effective, fast-acting pain relief agent that comes with many benefits. Apart from reducing discomfort and overall pain, this medication also comes is several doses so as to cater to people with different medical histories.


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